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Local Information.

· Family Action has launched Food on Our Doorstep clubs. Find out more contact SouthendFoodClubs@family-action.org.uk

· Family Fund announces new funding for families in England & Wales in response to the continuing crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.


· Southend Carers Eat or Heat initiative


· Register for SAVS The Future of Social Care Services – Southend Co-production

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in thinking about the future of Southend. If you would like to be part of the conversation, please e-mail the contacts below: Socialcareco-production@southend.gov.uk

EVENTS – Do not forget to register your interest below!

v Virtual Support & Chat for parent carers with children & young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.

Virtual Support Coffee & Chat Thursday 21st January @ 7pm-8.30pm

Register in advance for this meeting: https://zoom.us/.../tJAvcuyrqzwpGtVCYlX8ntBrJ-F2-JTzQa9c

v Thursday 21st January 2021 4pm Exploring the views and experiences of special schoolteachers in supporting the post-16 transition for SEN pupils with Jeremy Chian This is an event arranged by Southend Educational Psychologists.



o We made it on the Southend Local Offer.


o Daily Bitesize resource – Let’s talk social care!


o Please complete the poll on the online support closed group regarding an exciting new webinar coming up – Harry Thompson PDA Extraordinaire.

o We have arranged 75 food parcels this week for our SEND families. More information on deliveries coming soon, for those that signed up. Here’s some information.

We all know how complex the brain is... The brain consumes massive amounts of energy and needs careful fuel at the best of times. This year has been the most challenging of all our lifetimes. As parents of children with neurodevelopmental differences, we regularly see the emotional and mental stress that our children encounter. We know that this places a huge strain on their brains. Sometimes it can lead to trauma, this is a physical issue. For all these reasons, we want to send you a box of food which boosts brain health and brain recovery. We want you to remember that food is medicine. Most notably, Tryptophan, protein, vitamins B and D (and others) are useful for these purposes. Please experiment and enjoy the process of healing and feeding you and your child’s brain to kick-start the process of recovery from the COVID era.

Have a great weekend!

The Team at SEND the Right message


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