Newsletter 5


Newsletter 5

SEND the Right Message.

12th March 2021


Important local information

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Local Information.



Virtual Support & Chat for Parent carers with children & young people with SEND for families in Southend & surrounding areas, who access the online resource support group.

Click below to book your place.

15 places available.

Friday 18th March 2021


· Latest new Grant Support Packages (Southend Local Authority only)

Jo Adams

is representing SEND the Right Message next week & would very much like your input on the Local Offer & service gaps.

The purpose of the Review Group is to hear from parents and carers and to discuss their feedback on the Southend SEND Local Offer .

This will include both:

· the website (see link below), including what works well, how easy it is to use and what needs to be improved,


· SEND services including identifying those that meet local needs well, those that need to be better and any gaps.

Please comment on the post on the page – its in announcements or contact

Working in partnership with GECKO Community. Free sessions available – only 4 places.

Please see attachment.

Online Community is a club for students to discuss fun topics together. The club has a max of four students in a supportive and welcoming online space. We don't use video, we use typing and audio. Usually, students type and the teacher uses audio (i.e. the students can hear the teacher).

For the first session, the teacher plans a fun topic (such as anime, games, superheroes and villains, movies etc) and the students discuss this. The session is structured to support students getting to know each other but with flex to follow interests.

The second session is planned at the end of the first, with the students and teacher discussing what they will do together next week. This could be a continuation of the first week's topic or a new topic.

Age – Secondary school

Profile - any student is welcome, but they need to be able to be within a group. When we last ran our clubs, we found some students found it overwhelming and did not do the whole four weeks. Students need to be ready to participate e.g., typing their fave superhero onto the shared document. They don't have to share lots and their parent can be with them/sat next to them, but they need to be ready to type words or sentences within the club.

It will start on Thursday 15th at 2pm and run for 4 weeks (4 sessions only)

Please contact to register interest.


Raffle £2 a ticket. Closes on 30th April 2021. Chance to win a personalised easel.

· Crowdfunder – Looking for 2 donors to fund 2 very unwell boys from or membership group. Please share with any local businesses & donate if you can.

MINECRAFT ONLINE SEND the Right Message Gaming CLUB 12+ ( maximum 10 children)

Jade Storey son Owen, has volunteered to start a trial Minecraft session.

Saturday 27th March 2021 6.30-8.30pm


1. Do not destroy creations that are not your own.

2. Keep language & behaviour appropriate.

3. No bullying or upsetting others.

4. If you need any help, ask in the chat (Press T on your keyboard, once you have finished typing, press ENTER) & speak to Owen.

5. Be respectful of each other.


Please email if your child would like to join with the title GAMING CLUB & we will send you a form to complete.

Have a great weekend!

Warmest wishes

Maggie, Julia & Team at SEND the Right message

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