Our background & achievements to date:

Webinars and Training 2020
Sensory Processing with Donna Boygle.

Sensory processing is the brain’s ability to process, interpret and filter sensory input received from the senses to organise and prioritise our responses to the constant environmental demands appropriately.

There are five well-known senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, which the conscious part of the brain is very aware of; it continuously checks information obtained by these senses in order to experience our environment.

Management Committee

Emotional regulation with ACE SEN.

Emotional regulation, sometimes called self-regulation, refers to the way we deal with big feelings like anger, excitement, frustration, anxiety or low mood.
Our children can often have difficulty regulating and recognising their emotions and, if not supported, this can lead to frustration and them becoming overwhelmed. 

Sometimes children will try to regulate themselves by using self-stimulatory behaviour, also known as stimming.

Webinars and Training 2021 
Neurodivergent distressed behaviours 

Distressed behaviours arise when our life experiences (sensory, emotional, social, demands etc.) exceed our capacity to cope and we feel overwhelmed and lose control.

Distressed behaviours in neurodivergent individuals may include:

– an ‘out of control’ state which may include shouting, crying, throwing or breaking things
-physical or verbal aggression directed towards others
-self-injurious behaviours
-autistic burnout 
-taking flight – running from the source of distress

126 attendees for the Harry Thompson webinar and received 100% positive feedback.


Support packages

We have provided support packages to over 600 families in 2020/21 in the form of sensory packs and healthy eating food boxes.


Provided 13 crisis support packages in 2020.   Provided emotional support via our online forum to over 856 families since 2019.

Commissioned by Essex County Council, Mid South Essex CCG, West Essex CCG and North East Essex CCG to provide Neurodiverse Information Packs for families across Essex, Thurrock and Southend which is co-produced & written by Takiwatanga Support Services and Essex Family Forum.

Click here to download the ND pack

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Neurodiverse Information Packs

  • Monthly Coffee Support Sessions @ Savs Southend with special guests.

  • Benefit service Supporting families to complete disability benefit forms.

  • Offering guidance for housing and financial support.

  • Providing support with SEND educational issues, EHC request, SEND assistance.

  • Supporting families via our support call session's along with emotional support.         

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Expansion of services in 2021/22

ONLINE Parent Support Forum

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871 Members as at 31st October 21


76 % Southend

17 % Essex

2 % Thurrock

5 % Other

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What some of our parent carers say about our service?

"SEND the Right Message, really are doing exactly that. A message of support, hope & empowerment!"

"Jo supported me through the EHCP process, and we finally got one after years of trying!"

"At the start of my journey, I was so stressed out, overwhelmed and felt totally alone. After the coffee morning support, I booked an appointment with Jo. she reassured me and gave me confidence. She has been there every step of the way and I am so thankful."

"The coffee morning support sessions are great and I really look forward the special speakers"

"Strong support system for families with SEND. After being in a lonely place, joining this group has been a massive support for me and my children."

"I have found the team at SEND the Right Message very helpful and I am slowly learning stuff having better outcomes and made new friends."

"Claire really supported and guided me through applying for DLA for my child. It was overwhelming me but she was  there to hold my hand and we were successful!"

"I have found my tribe and I do not feel so isolated. I don’t leave the house and the online support is amazing!"